Sativa Boatman-Sloan leaning against a stone pillar

Transform Your Business

by Strategically Mastering Your Paperwork


by Strategically Mastering Your Paperwork

Sativa Boatman-Sloan leaning against a pillar

Legal paperwork for your business can be confusing.

Accepting professional guidance will create the protection you need.

We help you do that in three key ways.


Choosing The Right Business Entity For You

Ensure that your business is set up properly from the beginning by creating the business entity that works best for your business and your situation.

Whether it is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Partnership, Assertion Solutions Consulting can help.

Getting The Right Legal Documents For Your Business

The documents needed depend on the business entity that you create.

If you do not have the correct documentation, you and your business could be at risk.

Protect your business by knowing what you need, what questions to ask, and what professionals to hire.

Avoiding Mistakes With The Best Legal Advice

Helping 1,000's of business owners set up their legal paperwork has given Assertion Solutions Consulting the advantage of seeing all of the mistakes people can make.

Benefit from her 22 years of experience to avoid making the same mistakes too.

Sativa Boatman-Sloan

Build a Strong and Flexible Foundation

Having your legal, tax, and insurance paperwork may not seem like a priority now, but it will be crucial when the inevitable happens and you need to react quickly in order to protect yourself, your family, and your business.

Work with Sativa’s team to determine the most appropriate legal, tax, and estate paperwork you need to protect yourself and your business. They can work with your attorney, CPA, and insurance professionals to keep you protected.


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